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Tee-shirt noir intense - UNITE - Skate - Unisex

“My first contact with skaterboarding was visual. At the age of eight, while i was watching a film showing a short scene where a skater was doing a flip, it was a real revelation ! I knew skateboarding would be a part of me forever.

It is a the age of sixteen, roughly, that all began to be more complicated on my side.

I felt i was different from my friends. Marseille, but especially bordeaux, allowed me to meet many skaters more open-minded that others who were not in judgment. It did’nt matter skin color, religion or sexual orientation.

In 2016, brian anderson (world champion of skate 1999) on the front page of thrasher reported his coming out. My idol was gay !”

Tee-shirt noir Unite skate grapTee-shirt noir intense - UNITE - Grafitti - Unisex


UNITE mixes and brings together religions, skin colors, sexual orientations and lifestyles.
The aim is to support difference and diversity, a way to fight against discrimination, racism, homophobia by being as visible as possible.
The spherical logo symbolizes the earth and highlights
the beauty of the colours and genres that cohabit in it.
A beautiful way to celebrate the cosmopolitan and the difference but also to defend the colors of
our globe.

Logo Unite
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